Harnessing Light

An economical and very GREEN way to bring light to dark places.
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The Solatube Skylighting Advantage

Instant Daylight

Quick installation for most situations in just two hours.

Save on Energy

Photovoltaic panel collects solar energy

Light at Night

Stored energy powers smart NightLight which automatically comes on at night.

Spectralight® Infinity Tubing

Delivers 99.7%* specular reflectivity for maximum sunlight transfer

Harnessing Daylight

Below are some amazing features of the Daylight Solatube Skylight System. Harness the power of the sun and use it to brighten dark areas, plus you can have a soft nightlight after dark.
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Capture • Transfer • Deliver

Solatube brightens your home with natural light.

No structural modifations to your home.

Free in-home consultation!

Most installs completed in just 2 hours. We service all of Southern Arizona- from Green Valley to Phoenix and everywhere inbetween.

Harness the power of the Arizona sun and brighten dark areas during the day and a pleasant nightlight after dark.

Daylight Nightlight Skylight

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Tax savingsUp to 55% Tax Credit

Decorative Fixtures

Not your typical skylight. Our finishing touches will make your skylight look like a beautiful overhead light in your home.

Classic Vusion™ diffuser


Square JustFrost™



AuroraGlo™ Bronze

AuroraGo™ White

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Integrated Versatility

Ventilation Kit

Simplify your ceiling with integrated ventilation.

Solar Electric Daylight Dimmer

Darken rooms or adjust light levels from a remote control.

Light Kit
Light Kit

Night and daylighting in one attractive fixture.

Effect Lenses

Choose your color, intensity, or both.

Roof Installations

Solutions Engineered for Peace of Mind