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Replcacement Skylights

Get rid of that old plastic bubble

Brighten Dark Areas

Rooms filled with natural light and fresh air are invariably more beautiful, spacious and uplifting to your spirits. Daylight is the essential element that transforms conventional rooms into splendid spaces that add value and quality to your home and your life.

Save on Utility Costs

You don't need to turn on lights when you already have a well lit area and the Arizona sun is a great source of sunlight year round.
ENERGY EFFICIENT GLASS OPTIONS: All VELUX® skylights glazing are built using energy efficient, LoE3, Argon gas injected dual glass panes.

No Leak Roof System

The VELUX® curb mounted product family is designated The No Leak Skylight. It carries the 20-year glass warranty, 10 years on product, and five years on blinds and controls. Features include 3 layers of water protection.

Fresh Air

Get rid of heat from the stove and let cool, crisp air flow through your skylight and circulate throughout your kitchen or bathroom. Our customers have chosen the VELUX Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylight as the most popular skylight choice to install in a kitchen because of all the benefits it provides to a space.

Extraordinary Skylights For Your Needs

Our VELUX® replacement skylights offer the best look and efficiency for your space.
solar skylight
Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylights
by Sunshine Experts
  • No leak system
  • Solar Powered
  • Fresh Air
  • Ideal for Kitchens & Baths
Enjoy a 30 percent federal tax credit on product and installation for solar-powered skylights.
Electric Skylight kit
Electric "Fresh Air" Skylights
by Sunshine Experts
  • No Leak System
  • Electric Powered
  • Fresh Air
  • Ideal for Kitchens & Baths

Skylight with blinds
Skylight bundled with Solar Powered Blind
by Sunshine Experts
  • No Leak System
  • Fresh Air option
  • Better light Control
  • Energy Savings
  • Multiple Colors
Enjoy a 30 percent federal tax credit, $730 of average savings on product and installation for new skylights.
Replacement Skylight
Fixed Skylight
by Sunshine Experts
  • No Leak System
  • Energy Efficient LoE Glass
Meeting ENERGY STAR requirements, all Energy Performance Model skylights have triple LoE, dual-sealed, argon-filled glass to help create a more energy-efficient window in all climate zones.

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