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Tips for Choosing the Color for Your Awnings

Tips for Choosing the Color for Your Awnings

03 Mar 17
John Vogel
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Sunshine Experts Awnings Choosing Color

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to think about ways to beat the heat in Arizona. Retractable awnings provide much-needed shade to your indoor and outdoor living spaces, then retract when not in use. With a 10-year warranty on fabric and a 15-year warranty on frames, your Sunesta awnings will be around for a while, so why not let us help you choose the color?

Home or Business?

Retractable awnings work well for both homes and businesses, but they often serve different purposes at each location. While they provide shade for both, they can also serve as a branding tool and advertising for a business. If your company is adding awnings, make sure they adhere to your branding by using a company color. If you don’t have official colors, use a bright hue if your company is aiming for a fun and modern aesthetic, or a more subdued color if your customer base and products are more traditional.

If you are purchasing an awning for your home, you are probably not using it to lure in customers. But if you are wanting to use a bright or unusual color, make sure it doesn’t violate any rules if you live in a community with a homeowners’ association.

Awning Color Durability, Stain Resistance, and Compatibility

Regardless of the type of fabric or the methods used to protect it, colors will still eventually fade when subjected to the Arizona sun and stains will occur. But some colors seem to be better than others, and certain ones blend more effectively with certain exterior colors.

Black is a no-brainer when it comes to hiding stains, and it is a good option for this reason. However, if you live in a dusty area or have pets with light hair, a black awning can be a magnet for both. Just like black shoes, black awnings go well with a large number of exterior colors.

Red awnings work well with a variety of exterior colors, including tans, yellows and whites, but unless you own a Christmas boutique, don’t combine them with green. Red is good for hiding stains, but it tends to show the effects of the sun’s UV rays more quickly than other colors.

Yellow resists the signs of fading since it is light-colored to begin with, but it will show stains more easily and may require more frequent cleaning. Yellow awnings are best with a white exterior or another light color with a yellow tint.

Both blue and green awnings resist fading and their darker shades also hide stains well. Like the red awnings above, it’s best not to hang green awnings on a red exterior, but they pair nicely with tans or other greens. Blue goes well with many colors, but some shades of blue do not work well with homes with an orange tint, including certain types of brick.

Brown is very unobtrusive when it comes to awnings, and it hides stains well. It can be used on darker exteriors to blend in or on lighter interiors to stand out while still being neutral.

Obviously dark colors win out over lighter colors when it comes to showing dirt or stains, but lighter colors are better at deflecting the summer heat. Just be sure your light awning won’t be too bright in the midday sun.

Serving Greater Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona, Sunshine Experts can help you select the perfect color for your outdoor retractable awnings.