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Sunesta Retractable Sun Shades & Roller Shades

Sunesta Retractable Sun Shades & Roller Shades

22 Feb 16
John Vogel

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Retractable Rolling Sun Shades and Retractable Sun Screens provide you with total vertical sun control of your covered outdoor space. No matter if you are covering your windows, doors, or patio.

We offer an ideal solution to help you with your glaring sun control issues. Our retractable shades are manufactured from the highest quality aluminum alloy and pvc coated materials available. The retractable shades can be mounted on any window or patio around your home or business to stop up to 98% of the solar heat rays and provide up to 100% shade…with just the touch of a button or fully automated with a sun sensor! You will still enjoy almost total non-glare visibility from the inside while providing a cool and comfortable environment for you and your family to enjoy. What better way to enjoy your family and friends than with the best built and best backed shade in the industry.

Another great benefit you’ll enjoy with a retractable shade is the energy efficiency during the summer months, your air conditioning costs will be cut dramatically due to the retractable shades ability to keep the heat away from the home. We offer a wide variety of retractable shades and fabric colors in order to match your homes exterior and your budget. All of our products are custom made to your specifications to meet your sun control needs.

Sunesta Sentry

Sunesta Sentry

The Sentry is one of Sunesta’s exceptional screen products which gives you the ability to control your living space. No matter if you are covering your windows, doors, patio or lanai, The Sentry can be your solution. Each Sentry screen is custom built up to 18′ wide with a 12′ drop. The Sentry retractable screen combines ease of use with class in one quality retractable screen.

Enjoy the Outdoor Comfort Provided by Our Retractable Screen and Shade Products

The Sentry screens serve as more than just a retractable screen, you can choose a custom fabric to meet the needs of your unique home and environment.

  • Bug screens for insect protection
  • Solar mesh for sun protection
  • Opaque fabrics for privacy
  • Room brightness control
  • Clear vinyl windows for rain and cold protection without losing your view

And with its exclusive fabric retention system, you can rely on your Sentry retractable screen to operate in any weather conditions.

Sunesta Sunroll

Sunesta Sunroll Retractable Rolling Shade Screen

Sunesta Sunroll

The Sunroll Retractable Rolling Shade Screen is one of our quality solar screens that will provide you with total vertical sun control of your covered outdoor space. Available in motorized or manual options, the Sunroll is an affordable and versatile option for individuals interested in purchasing one of our retractable solar screens. It can be customized to fit your unique space with widths up to 24′ and heights up to 12′.

The Versatility of these Solar Screens is Apparent in the Array of Potential Variations

  • Traditional model
  • With drop bar and cables can be wall or floor mounted
  • With drop bar and rails with distance bracket mounting to allow airflow between fabric and mounting surface
  • Smartcase variation offers total fabric protection
  • Smartcase with arms allows you to angle the solar screens fabric

The Zipper

The Zipper Shade is a revolutionary design that allows the fabric to be locked into the track at all times, thus keeping the insects and or pests out. With a simple push of a button you extend your outdoor living space, now you can let your dogs, cats, and birds out to the patio without the worry of them getting out and lost.

So take a look at all the great products we offer and decide for you what’s the best way to protect your patio, home, and business from the suns glaring rays.

We’re often asked, “What type of patio screen shade or sun shade do you recommend?” Of course, we highly recommend a patio shade with retractible, automated features. After all, these shades are outdoors and often mounted high on your home. Choosing a remote control or automated solution just makes sense!