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Motorized Screen Shades and Insect Screens

Motorized Screen Shades and Insect Screens

02 Jan 17
John Vogel
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In the Arizona it is important to protect your home from the sun and from insects. One great way to do this is with sun shades and insect screens that will allow you to keep the sun shining in your home or patio but also give you a new level of control. Sunshine Experts, serving Greater Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona, want to show you the benefits of motorized screen shades and insect screens that will perfect your home in Arizona.

Sunesta Sentry

The Sunesta Sentry is an exceptional product. It will provide you with the ability to control your living space with the ease of one, high-quality, retractable screen. Custom built from sizes up to 18’ wide with an available 12’ drop, these screens can be built to match any expanse of windows you need covered. In addition to choosing the perfect size for your windows, this screen can be customized even farther with the fabric choice. From opaque fabric to entirely clear vinyl to solar mesh or even a bug screen, whatever you want your window screen to be you can customize it to meet those needs.

Sunesta Sunroll

The Sunesta Sunroll is a retractable, rolling shade that gives you complete control of your outdoor space. This sun screen is available in both manual and motorized operations and is affordable and functional enough to keep you satisfied. The Sunesta Sunroll can be customized in widths up to 24’ and heights of 12’ to fit almost any area. Featuring smartcase variation, the sunroll give you total fabric protection and the ability to angle your sun screen to block the sun from an angle.

The Zipper

Lastly, we offer The Zipper sun screen. This shade features a unique design that keeps the screen’s fabric locked into a track. This designs makes it so insects and pests can never sneak through any openings but still allow for optimum airflow. With an incredibly simple operation system, you can push a button to extend your outdoor living space without having to worry about anything getting in or out.

Why Choose Sunshine Experts

At Sunshine Experts we are proud to offer these three varieties of sun shades and insect screens for our customers, all of which are great choices for your home if you are interested in providing vertical sun control to your windows and keeping bugs at bay. Along with these great products, our team of experts can ensure that your installation process runs smoothly and that all of your concerns and questions are answered. With our A+ rating from the BBB and a rating in the top 5% on Angie’s List, we know our service will meet your standards. If you have any more questions about our available sun screens and insect screens, please contact us today so we can help you get started on making your home the perfect place for you.