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Green Energy

The Sunshine Experts are Committed to The Environment and Green Energy

Green Energy

26 Feb 16
John Vogel
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All of our product lines have undergone laboratory testing, many showing upwards of 25 percent reduction of heat gain.  This reduces the workload on home cooling systems, lowering energy costs.  Some examples:

  • Solatube tunnel skylights light up homes with natural light, no heat gain, and during daylight hours use no energy.
  • Sunesta Awnings & Patio Screens control how much sunlight hits a home’s walls and windows, helping lower cooling costs. In the winter, they can allow more sunlight into a home and reduce the need to use heating systems.
  • Solar Star attic fans ventilate attic spaces and garages by pulling hot air outside. In addition to lowering tempertaures, the fans operate on solar power so there is no electricity needed from the grid.

As part of promoting green energy solutions,  fifty percent of our vehicles are powered by alternative fuels. Our commitment company wide to green energy solutions is why Sunshine Experts was one of the founding members of the Marana Green Chamber.