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Commitment to Customer Service

We Are Committed to Customer Service and a Lasting Relationship with Our Clients

Commitment to Customer Service

26 Feb 16
John Vogel
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We firmly believe no one in our industry has a more stellar record with customers and positive relationships than Sunshine Experts, LLC. We steadfastly protect this through our customer service.

Customer satisfaction starts at the very beginning of the sales and installation process. We do not set false expectations, ever. In any event of an unsatisfied customer, it is our RESPONSIBILTY to correct the issue expediently and flawlessly.

Sunshine Experts has never left a customer without a solution that is an absolute win for them, even if it costs the company money. It may cost money now, but this has resulted in some of our most loyal customers as they appreciate our commitment to customer service above all.

Having Fun in the Sun at the Tucson Home Show

Having Fun in the Sun at the Tucson Home Show

Customer Service Training

Customer service is everyone’s job. Every employee is trained on how to handle customer issues.  e training is the same for administrative sta as it is for service technicians. Our company  contracted with PURE Customer Service for training.  is involves ongoing monthly training that each employee must complete.  e training also involves role playing with the training by sta to address customer issues of the previous month and how we can improve.

We understand that every customer wants to be heard & understood. We focus on listening  rst, and formulating a solution to the customer’s needs. If there are any complaints during the process, we address them immediately and create the best solution possible. We make sure the clients are 100 percent satis ed with the remedy. Customer service doesn’t end when the client signs o on the
 nal product – we make sure we follow up with every customer, and we are as attentive with our warranty service as we are with our sales process.